The about us page is always so hard to write! What I can tell you is I became intrigued with birds when we moved to our house nestled among the grapevines in California. We were privileged to see quail running among the vines, finches and sparrows flying keeping our bug population down, crows cawing at our puppies (it’s a love/hate relationship between the two), and magnificent raptors keeping our mouse population down. I didn’t realize how important birds were in the whole ecosystem around our house until I slowed down enough to notice! My dad had always said that his mother told him that if you take care of the birds, the birds will take care of you! How true that is.

So now I’m on a mission to educate myself a bit more about who is flying around our house and what role they play in the ecosystem…besides tormenting my poor puppies. The only way I could think of slowing the birds down so I can identify them, was to feed them. It works with kids, why not birds? So I would like to share my journey with you and hope that you and the birds can slow down and enjoy a bit of nature. To that end, we strive to offer our customers a wide selection of attractive and highly useful items that actually double as great garden features. I’m all about multitasking! I also want to share information that I have learned, such as where to place birdfeeders, how to attract hummingbirds, and much more! Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you have at

May the birds bring luck to you and your home!